Simple Things makes it easier for mums going through cancer treatment to let their family and friends know how and when they can help—and allows their networks to volunteer to take on the roles best suited to their skills and schedules.

Simple Things' easy-to-use platform helps you keep track of who is helping you or your friend when and in what way.

  1. Create Your Team

    In less than one minute you can start a team for yourself or someone who needs help.

  2. Invite Family and Friends

    Invite family and friends who could help out to join your network by email or Facebook.

  3. Post Help Needed

    Create requests for meals, lifts to hospital visits, school pick ups and more. People are willing to help once they know what you need. Let them know!

  4. Update Your Community

    Share how things are going, update you list of requests, and receive support and feedback.

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